I usually work from emailed photos. These need to be as clear as possible and most importantly show detail in the face of the subject. The sharpness and quality of the photographs are vital. Multiple photographs can really help me to understand the subject. The better the quality of the photos, the more detailed the final artwork will be.

To order please contact me with your requirements. I will reply providing my email address, to which any photographs may be sent. Once I have your photographs and a clear idea of what you would like, I will respond with an overall price.

A deposit of 25% is required with your order. The final balance is required upon collection of your finished piece.

Collection or Delivery

Free collection is available from Guildford in Surrey, UK. If ordering by post, I will need cleared funds for the picture, including postage, before sending via Special Delivery. I do not aim to make a profit from postage, but I do charge £5 for careful packaging.

I would like to be able to showphotos of the artwork on my Facebook page and on this website, but this is entirely optional and I would always wait until after the artwork has been given to its final recipient.

Copyright and Terms

Please note that I retain the copyright on all my works. By placing your order and sending me your photographs you are giving your permission for me to incorporate your photographs in the artwork. If you do not own the copyright to the photographs being used, for example if they were taken by a professional photographer, then please request permission from the photographer before sending me the photographs.